07 April 2011

Find Your "Civil War Relatives" Challenge

Let's consider a "Civil War relative" as any descendant of someone that was in the same Civil War unit as one of your ancestors. By locating these "Civil War relatives" you may find someone that has a rifle, a uniform, a diary or letters that would shed light on your ancestors' experiences during this important time in both their lives and in U.S. history.

As a reminder - Ancestry.com is offering free access, starting today, for the next week (7-14 April), to their Civil War records.

SCGS challenges readers of our blog to take advantage of this free access to research your "Civil War relatives" and then share some of your results as comments to this post. Then we would have a set of descendants-ancestors with service information and we could begin to find each other.

Our goal is for each reader to connect up with at least one other descendant with a common service record.

So ... please post your ancestors' names and their service information (e.g., enlistment date, regiment/unit(s), muster-out date, and Civil War headstone location, any other interesting facts). Then let's see how many connections we can come up with in the next seven days.


  1. Wisconsin Company G, 44th regiment
    24 Dec 1864 at Outagamie County, WI to
    28 Aug 1865 at Paducah, KY

    Christian Frederick Ziegler

    "Taken away on Christmas Eve"

  2. Wisconsin Company C of the 1st Infantry
    Company G of the 21st Infantry from 19 Sept 1864
    27 Nov 1863 to 1 Apr 1865

    John Appleton

    Wounded on 21 July 1864

  3. Esquire Davis
    Ohio (Knox County)
    Private, Company G, 20th Ohio Volunteers Regiment
    10 Sep 1862 - 12 Mar 1863 died Typhoid Fever

    William H H Davis
    Ohio (Knox County)
    Company G, 121st Ohio Infantry

    Orrin Clinton Porter
    Ohio (Knox County)
    Sergeant, 32nd Regiment, Ohio Infantry

    William Lee Porter
    Ohio (Knox County)
    Private, 3rd Ohio Cavalry
    Private, 187th VRC

  4. Jerome VanBilliard
    Co.B, 153rd Regt. PA Volunteers, Private
    7 Oct 1862-24 Jul 1863

    Batt. A 112th Regt. 2nd Art., Private
    26 Feb 1864-28 Jul 1865
    Captured at Chapin's Farm, Virginia, 29 Sept 1864

    Civil War Veteran Headstone on grave at Union Cemetery, Freemansburg, PA

  5. Elijah Hawk
    K Co. 2nd Heavy Artillery Regiment Pennsylvania
    (112th Volunteers).

    Birth: 1835
    Death: Jan. 17, 1881

    Elijah Hawk served in the Union Army during Civil War. He enlisted on 31 January 1861 at Uniontown in Fayette County, Pennsylvania and served with K Co. 2nd Heavy Artillery Regiment PA (112th Volunteers).

    The 2nd participated in the Wilderness campaign, fighting at Spottsylvania and Cold Harbor and shared in the charge at Petersburg, Virginia. He mustered in as a Private at Philadelphia on February 8, 1862.

    In military service records, Elijah's last name is found spelled as Hawk and Hawke and his first name as Elijah and Elisha. The spelling is uncertain because Elijah Hawk was unable to write his own name. He fixed his mark to his US Army reenlistment papers when he mustered in on 4 February 1864. On the muster roll at the time of his second enlistment, he was described as 23 years old having dark eyes and black hair, having a dark complexion, and 5 feet 11 inches tall.

    Elijah was granted a furlough of at least 30 days in his state before expiration of his original term of service. During this time he and Susannah Hiles, a neighbor from "back home" in Dunbar, were married on 21 March 1864 in Uniontown, Fayette County, Pennsylvania. Their first child, James William Hawk, was born nine months later on 5 January 1865 while Elijah's outfit joined in the last charges upon the enemy. The last months of his service were spent preserving peace and order in the southern part of Virginia. He mustered out at City Point, Virginia on 29 January 1866 and was discharged at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on February 16, 1866, returning home shortly after his son's first birthday.

    In her application for widow's benefits, Elijah's wife Susannah said that he became incapacitated due to rheumatism that he contracted during his military service and eventually died from the disease. On a Proof of Disability Affidavit, his brother in law, Henry Heiles (sic: Hiles) stated that "…Elijah Hawk had a severe spell of typhoid fever..." while serving in the military during the Civil War.

    Elijah worked as a farmer and a laborer in the hills of Dunbar in Fayette County, Pennsylvania after the war. Elijah and his wife Susannah had at least eight children before he died at the age of 45.

    He is buried in the hills of Dunbar in an until recently abandoned* cemetery, the John's/Liston Cemetery, now in the Pennsylvania State Gameland 51. Elijah's is one of the few graves with a marker. The cemetery was called Green River Cemetery [perhaps for Greenbriar, a old, local name for that area of the Dunbar hills] in the government card file for his headstone contract.

    *The John's/Liston Cemetery, abandoned and completely overgrown, was restored by the efforts of 15-year-old Jarrod Whoric, of Dunbar, for an Eagle Scout project.

  6. Agrippa S Godwin
    Company C, 14th, Arkansas Infantry, 3rd Lieutenant
    Joined 7 Sept 1861, Pocahontas, AR

    Company C, 9th Regiment, Arkansas Infantry, 3rd Lieutenant
    1 Sept 1861 - 30 Nov 1861

    Company C, 14th Regiment, Arkansas Infantry, 3rd Lietenant
    30 Nov 1861 - 31 Jan 1862

    Company D, Wood's Battalion, Missouri Calvary
    31 Aug 1863 - 29 Feb 1864
    Enlisted 17 Mar 1863 in Lawrence Co., Arkansas

    Died in the Battle of Pilot Knob, Ironton, MO
    Burial: Unknown

  7. I have 3 civil war ancestors.

    John D. Laurie, 10th Connecticut Infantry
    Edwin A. Banks, 2nd Connecticut Heavy Artillery
    Patrick Fraher, believed to be 12th Regular Army

    Regards, Jim
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