21 January 2014

[CA-SCGS] New Board Installed; New Officers Elected

Congratulations to the following officers of the Southern California Genealogical Society, who were elected at the Board meeting on January 16. Bios and photos can be found on the SCGS website.

President - Dave Burde
1st Vice President - Jay Holladay
2nd Vice President - Paula Hinkel
Recording Secretary - Alice Fairhurst
Corresponding Secretary - Fran Bumann
Treasurer - Louise Calaway
Financial Secretary - Peggy Schulz

Other members of the Board include:

Charlotte Bocage
Mary Daly
Joan DeFato
Dorothy des Lauriers
Suzy Goulet
Barbara Randall
Joyce Roberson
Jean Taeuffer

The SCGS Board meets on the third Thursday of each month at the SCGS headquarters at 417 Irving Drive, Burbank, California. The Board meeting is open to SCGS members.

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