21 September 2014

[CA-SCGS] - Nominations for the Board of Directors

We are approaching the annual meeting on December 13 and the election of Board members. A preliminary slate of candidates has been developed, and we have now entered the nomination by petition period. According to the by-laws:

At any time after said notification, and prior to sixty (60) days before the Annual Meeting, a candidate for a Board vacancy may be nominated by a petition signed by not less than five (5) members in good standing and delivered to the Secretary within the aforementioned time limit. Only members in good standing shall be nominated. 

Nominations by petition should be sent to the chair of the Nominations Committee, Alice Fairhurst, at
alicefairhurst@gmail.com. Thank you to Alice and the other members who have worked over the past two months to identify this preliminary slate of candidates.

Diane Adamson
Lise Harding
Paula Hinkel
Jean Taeuffer
Walt Sturrock

Over the next few days, we will publish bios of each of these highly qualified Board candidates.

Please help us identify the leaders that will continue to guide SCGS into its second 50 years by petitioning for additional candidates.

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