27 October 2015

[CA-SCGS] Port of Los Angeles Archives is in Danger

 The Port of Los Angeles Archives Needs Your Help.

In 2010, the Port of Los Angeles began an important program of identifying, processing, and preserving approximately 25,000 linear feet of historical materials. This historic resource is now in jeopardy. After being moved out of their climate controlled building earlier this year to an open warehouse storage facility near the water, the Archives are endangered due to high humidity and vermin infestation.

As researchers with interests in California, and especially in Los Angeles, we all need to be aware of the crisis facing these records.  

To read more about the Port of Los Angeles Archives, visit this site and read the Open Letter to the Community.  

To sign the online petition calling on the Harbor Commission and the Port of Los Angeles to act now to preserve these records, click here.

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