22 June 2017

[CA-SCGS] An Important SCGS Membership Announcement

SCGS Membership Dues Increase

It has been over six years since the Southern California Genealogical Society has had a raise in membership dues. As a non-profit, we strive to keep costs as low as possible and provide our members with valued benefits. However, as most of us have observed, the cost of goods and services has consistently been rising. In order to ensure that the Society can continue to offer the same level of service to members, the SCGS Board of Directors has voted to increase membership dues.

This is not a decision the Board made lightly. It is, however, necessary in order to maintain the level of quality in educational programs, publications, available databases, and services members value.

Beginning July 1, 2017, membership dues will increase as follows:

1 Year Individual: $40
2 Years Individual: $75
1 Year Joint: $55
2 Years Joint: $100
1 Year International Membership (w/mailing)
$75; 1 Year International Membership (w/digital): $40
Youth (under 25 w/proof of age): $25.

To renew your membership online, visit the new membership site at  https://new.scgsgenealogy.com/.

To renew by phone, call the SCGS Library at (818) 843-7247 during business hours.

To renew by mail, download the Benefits of Membership flyer, fill out the back portion, and mail to:

Southern California Genealogical Society
and Family Research Library
417 Irving Drive, Burbank, CA 91504-2408

Benefits of Membership
Join or renew today and take advantage of the many benefits of membership in the Southern California Genealogical Society. Collaborate, consult and build a sense of community with others who share our passion for family history and genealogy! 
  • Access to exclusive content on the SCGS website
  • 24/7 access to our extensive archive of Jamboree Extension Series Webinars and live streamed sessions
  • Remote access to MyHeritage Library Edition™
  • Online access to Los Angeles area records
  • Monthly Lunch and Learn educational program
  • Webinars, seminars, and workshops
  • Interest groups for DNA, computer software users, family history writers, and ethnic geographic research
  • Free in-Library use of valuable online resources and paid subscription databases
  • Discounts on SCGS Research Team services, Jamboree and Genetic Genealogy Registration, SCGS Publications, and more 

Southern California Genealogical Society
and Family Research Library
417 Irving Drive
Burbank, CA 91504
(818) 843 - 7247

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