14 January 2021

[CA-SCGS] Fun Facts To Help You Register For Jamboree 2021!

  Jamboree Has Changed To A Virtual Conference

Here are Fun Facts To Help You Register

We Have Two Conferences!

Four Price Points to Choose From!
  • Member Discounts - Become a member and reduce your costs and gain much more!
  • Early Bird Registration Discounts through April 26, 2021, Only
  • Standard Package
  • All Included Package
These choices will give you many options for your registration. The best option is through an early bird registration with membership!

A Wide Varied Of Lectures
Genetic Jamboree 26 Lectures
Jamboree 56 Lectures

Keynote Speakers:
Roberta J. Estes 
The Genes in the Jeans: Women, Brick Walls, and Genetic Tools

LaBrenda Garrett-Nelson, JD, LLM, CG, CGL 
The Stars in Our American Families: An African American Perspective

Payment Options and Manual Registration:
During the pandemic, we offer both credit card processing and mail-in checks. To register manually download the registration form, print, complete the form and return by mail. Check restrictions!

Register Now

Southern California Genealogical Society 
#SCGS2021@scgsgenealogy, #SCGSJamboree, 

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