29 March 2021

[CA-SCGS] Monday Meet The Speakers - Jamboree 2021


Jane Neff Rollins, MSPH 
Sherlock Combs Genealogy 

Jane Neff Rollins, MSPH, is a professional genealogist. Her genealogical education includes ProGen 29, SLIG, and the Forensic Genealogy Institute. She regularly translates Russian-language records and speaks at local, regional, and international genealogy conferences. She is a member of APG, NGS, and the Genealogical Speakers Guild. Jane’s writing has appeared in "NGS Magazine," "FGS Forum," and other publications. Jane is also the author of “Health Care Navigation 101.” 


Sandra Rumble 
RumbleSoft, Inc 

Sandra Rumble is an avid genealogist who has been tracing her genealogy and family history for 19 years. Unable to find a software solution that made organization, visualization and research planning efficient, she developed GenDetective®. Sandra teaches genealogy classes at Delaware Valley University’s Center for Learning in Retirement, and she speaks at local genealogy societies, regional genealogy conferences and has coordinated courses at GRIP. 


David Ryan, MA, DIPGEN 

David Ryan, MA DIPGEN, is a professional genealogist and oral historian based just outside of Cork city, Ireland. David is a graduate of University College Cork. He holds an MA in Medieval History and a Diploma in Genealogy. He has worked as a professional genealogist for the past seven years. 


Lori Lee Sauber 
LSquared Innovations 

Lori Lee Sauber is the owner of LSquared Innovations and inventor of L2Scrollio. She holds a BFA in Fiber Arts and Textiles and a Certificate of Genealogy and Family History, both from the University of Washington. She retired after a 35-year career in textile technology, team leadership, and project management for global companies. Lori Lee has been researching family histories for over 20 years. Member of APG, Seattle GS, and WA State GS (see Speakers List) and Eastern WA GS. 


Southern California Genealogical Society 
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