05 April 2021

[CA-SCGS] Monday Meet The Speakers - Jamboree 2021

Joseph B. Shumway, AG® 

Joseph B. Shumway is a gifted genealogist, problem solver, and a masterful teacher, having worked as a professional since 2004. He is best known for his work on the Emmy-nominated series, “Who Do You Think You Are?”, where he works behind the scenes on the research as well as a regular on-camera contributor. Joseph works with private clients through AncestryProGenealogists in Salt Lake City. He is also a certified Primal Health Coach, operating his own practice centered on ancestral health. 


Tara Shymanski, PLCGS 

Tara Shymanski is a genealogy researcher, lecturer, and blogger. She has a Bachelor of Arts in History and completed 40 courses in research, analysis and methodology to obtain a certificate from the National Institute for Genealogical Studies. Tara has lectured at genealogy conferences in Western Canada, her local genealogy society, and the Family History Centre in Calgary. 


Janette Silverman 

Dr. Janette Silverman is a Research Team Manager at AncestryProGenealogists where she heads up a team specializing in Eastern European and Jewish genealogy. Janette holds master's and doctorate degrees in Jewish studies from Spertus Institute in Chicago. Her doctoral dissertation, “In Living Memory,” explored the experiences of four Jewish families in Europe and the United States, contextualizing the micro-history of those families within the more global historical world. 

Susan Kay Skilton, AG® 

Susan Kay Skilton, AG®, specializes in California and New York genealogy, and has worked for AncestryProGenealogists since June 2016. She has published a book on the history of Moraga, a town whose land was originally a land grant to Joaquin Moraga, grandson of Lieutenant Joaquin Moraga of the De Anza expedition. 


Southern California Genealogical Society 
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