26 February 2010

Ancestry.com Sweepstakes: Winner Gets $20,000 +

Ancestry.com has a new sweepstakes offer that runs through April 30. The grand prize winner will receive

* $20,000 in travel money
* Eight-hour consultation with an expert genealogist
* Five experts in fields relevant to your personal family history to help you learn even more
* Annual World Deluxe Subscription for you and five family members

In addition, twenty First Prize winners will receive a subscription to Ancestry World Deluxe Edition.

To sign up for the sweepstakes, you need to provide your email address and give your contact information (so they can get in touch if you win big, of course!) NO PURCHASE is necessary. By becoming a "member" (a "registered guest") of the site, you can build and share a family tree, access certain free databases, use message boards and more. This is different from a "subscriber," who as a paying member of Ancestry.com, has access to our billions of records. (quoting from an explanation on Ancestry.com's Facebook page.

To enter, go directly to Ancestry.com.

You can register once a day. Read the rules to be sure you comply.

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