28 July 2010

Family Search Center and the French-Canadian Resources at SCGS

Board member Heidi Ziegler submitted this excellent article about FamilySearch films available at the SCGS Library, particularly those supporting the Library's excellent French-Canadian collection:

When I turned to page 68 of the Spring 2010 SCGS Searcher, there was a table of names transcribed from several plaques in France. I read the tag line "taken from personal photos ... in the museum and the St Aubin church in Tourouvre, France."  At that point, I didn't know exactly where Tourouvre, France was but I figured I'd look through the list quickly just to see what family names came from that particular village.  What happened next was a big surprise!

There, only a couple of lines down, was an entry with a name I had been researching.  I was so shocked to see recognizable names, on a list in the Searcher, which turned out to be those of my 9th great-grandfather and grandmother (b. 1620s). This just proves how useful it can be to read the Searcher cover to cover.

I later learned that a group of SCGS and French-Canadian Heritage Society of California (FCHSC) members had planned and taken a trip to Tourouvre, France a few years ago.

Fast forward to present day - I'd like to continue researching this family line by reviewing the St. Aubin church records. To do this, I'm going to take advantage of a great service at the SCGS Library. 

SCGS is now designated as a FamilySearch member library meaning members can order materials such as church records on microfilms from the LDS Library in Salt Lake.

The FCHSC group has been busy coordinating and the SCGS library now has the following LDS “France” films on indefinite loan:

LDS Catalog number and Title
0729854:  France, Cote d'Or, Paroisse de Marsannay la Cote.  Baptisms, marriages, burials 1687-1792
0729967:  France, Cote d'Or, Paroisse de Marsannay la Cote.  Baptisms, marriages, burials 1661-1687
1080421:  France, Versailles, Seine et Oise, Paroissiaux de Notre Dame 1684-1792
1356383:  France, Seine et Marne,  Eglise St-Etienne 1636-1667
2344552:  France, Orne, Normandel, Paroisse de Normandel.  Parish registers 1597-1792
2344568:  France, Orne, Tourouvre Parish.  Baptisms, marriages, burials 1671-1718 Feb
2359511:  France, Orne, Paroisse de Goulet.  Parish registers 1586-1792

Thank you to all who contributed to date so that we could have these films for permanent use.

If you have ancestors in any of these parishes, please come into the library and make use of these films. Our hope is to expand our microfilm indefinite loan collection of “France” films. The cost to do this is $18.00 per film. If there are any you would like to order, please locate the film in the FamilySearch.org online catalog; send all the information about the film along with a check for $18.00 made out to SCGS with the notation “France films”.  You will be contacted when the film arrives.  You may also order films by phone with the use of credit card.

21 July 2010

The Treasure of the Granite Mountain Records Vault

This was first posted on the FamilySearch website.

These videos provide a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the treasure of Granite Mountain -- billions of family history records.

Two videos that describe the operations of the Granite Mountain Records Vault are now available online. Take a behind-the-scenes tour and learn how the records preserved in the vault are digitized and made available on the Internet. The first video is an overview of the vault itself, and the second video goes into greater detail on the technology and process for digitizing, indexing, and publishing the records in electronic format.

18 July 2010

SCGS Friday Proofreading Club: 1890 Project

Where can you meet jail prisoners, saloon permit owners, poor farm residents, newlyweds and newborns of LA County of 1890?  Why, the Southern California Genealogical Society, of course. 

It's just the place to beat the heat and socialize with your fellow family historians.  Pop in to the SCGS Library in Burbank and proofread records that have been collected for the long-term project to reconstruct the 1890 Los Angeles County census.

After they are proofread, these records will soon be added to the compilation of records that form the 1890 Project to reconstruct the 1890 Census for Los Angeles.  Since the Project's inception in 2004, the 1890 Project has produced four volumes of Citizenship Intentions, the 1892 Great Register of Voters, fifteen volumes of Marriage Records, three volumes of the index to Los Angeles County Naturalizations. Other records in the 1890 Project "stew" are cemetery records, names of dental patients, building permit holders, and other miscellaneous record sets.

The Friday Proofreading Club meets on Fridays from 10am to 4pm.  Work the hours that best fit your schedule. No RSVP is necessary - just show up and ask for Louise.

Following is a partial listing of items available for proofing:

1897 Los Angeles City Census  - This is an every name census of the City of Los Angeles.  Approximately 100,000 or more names

United Methodist Church B Pasadena

Court Records
LA City Jail Records - 1888

Los Angeles County early births

Los Angeles City Saloon Records
Approved and canceled saloon licenses.

Volumes of Marriages - Books 16 - 20, the next grouping.

Monrovia newspapers

Poor Farm
Several volumes from Poor Farm

Property Tax Records
Monrovia property tax records

17 July 2010

Bargain Alert: Casefile Clues

Michael John Neill, Jamboree speaker and author of the very popular Casefile Clues, notified us of a real bargain on his newsletter. You can get all back issues (issues 1-49) plus a one-year subscription for $35.  The sale ends Sunday evening, July 18.  If you happen to miss this sale, keep your eyes open because Michael often runs specials on his publication.

He offers a new perspective at looking at documents and uses his own family research as real-life examples. You can request a sample issue or sign up for the subscription here.

15 July 2010

DNA Interest Group Meetings - Saturday, July 31

Mapping, Matching, and Mining Your DNA
Sat, July 31, 2010 – 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Presenter: Alice Fairhurst, DNA Interest Chair

1) to understand how maps can help you uncover more about your DNA;
2) to look at other resources for finding matches;
3) to examine FTDNA’s new Family Finder DNA program.

$5.00 donation is suggested for attendance. Individualized help will be available after the formal presentation for those who want to order DNA tests or who have received DNA results and need help managing their personal page or interpreting their results. A drawing will be held for a $30 discount certificate for ordering a DNA test. Brown bag or join us for pizza for an additional $5.00.

For additional information contact Alice Fairhurst, at alicefairhurst@gmail.com or call (626) 331-4791

FTDNA Projector Administrators

Following the regular meeting from 2:00-4:00 p.m., those who are Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) Project Administrators or Project Co-administrators are invited to remain to discuss how they are managing group projects.  The Roundtable format allows people to share expertise and create solutions to issues.

10 July 2010

SCGS Open House a Smashing Success

Thanks to the organizers of the Open House, Marilyn Heck, Heidi Ziegler and Lynne Parmenter, who took this year's annual Open House to a whole new level.

The visitors starting coming through the door at 11:00 a.m. sharp and were still arriving right up until the close at 3:00 p.m. Over 100 visitors came through the library and mingled with representatives of the interest groups and SCGS programs.

The planners came up with a "collect the initials" game to encourage attendees to interact with at least three volunteers. With representatives of about 15 groups, programs and activities groups available at SCGS, the attendees had several from which to choose. 

Thank everyone -- the organizers, volunteers, and attendees - for making this such a successful Open House. For those of you who visited the SCGS Library for the first time, we're glad that you came by, and we hope to see you again soon!

05 July 2010

GENEii Writing Contest Winners Announced

We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2009 GENEii Family History Writers Contest. The GENEii contest for 2009, as in previous years, received many varied and wonderful tales of both family history and memoir. Some were scholarly, some delightfully amusing, others very touching.

Our congratulations to all entrants!

The winners of Category 1 are:
First Prize M.T. Hoyer of Davis, CA, for "Returning to the Breath," ($200).
2nd Prize M. Kay Nanian of Novi, MI, for "The Pasha" ($100).
3rd Prize Carol Meetze Enos of Orange, CA, for "The Hessian" ($50).
Those who won Honorable Mention are Mary E Nelson of Garden Grove, CA, and Carol Meetze Enos of Orange, CA.
In the Finalist category, Katharine Garstka of Huntsville, AL.

The Category 2 winners are:
First Prize Sarah Burns Atkins of Lilburn, GA for "The Kitchen Windows of My Childhood" ($100)
2nd Prize Deborah Large Fox of Cherry Hill, NJ for "A Fearless Parade ($50)
3rd Prize Janelle Richardson of Morro Bay, CA for "I Went to France to Fight" ($25)

Three contestants won Honorable Mention: Judy Lewin of St. Louis, MO, Katie Corbett of Palmdale, CA, and Judith S. Cole of Bethany, CT
Finalist was Mat Zucker of New York, NY.
Our congratulations to all entrants!

The 2010 GENEii contest is dedicated to the memory of contest founder Beth Maltbie Uyehara, and big changes are in store. Perhaps the biggest change is that entrants will be asked to send their tales electronically. Check the SCGS website for FAQs and updated rules.

FREE Microfilm Readers Available

We received this email from our friends at the Jewish Genealogy Society of Los Angeles, which is hosting this year's International Association of Jewish Genealogy Societies. The conference will be held July 11-16 at the brand-new JW Marriott in downtown Los Angeles.

"My name is Barbara Algaze and I am a member of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Los Angeles. We have obtained about 10 microfilm readers from the Laguna Nigel branch of the National Archives when they moved to their new location. We will be using the readers during our upcoming conference at the LA Live, JW Marriot Hotel July 11th through July 16th. However, when the conference is over, we will no longer need these machines.

They will be available at no cost - they just need to be picked up at the hotel on Friday, July 16th."

Please contact Barbara directly if you are interested.

Barbara Algaze
IAJGS Conference Resource Room chair

Hispanic Family Research Saturday at LA Public Library

Hispanic Saturday is July 10, from 11am - 6pm.

What: Hispanic Saturday - LAPL Central Library
When: Saturday, July 10, 2010, 11am-6pm
Where: 630 W. 5th St., Los Angeles, CA 90071
Central Library Info: 213-228-7000
GSHA-SC Hispanic Saturday coordinator: Donie Nelson

Research will be in the History and Genealogy Department on Lower Level 4, between 11am & 6pm. Take the escalator or elevator down to Lower Level 4. We are at tables near the elevators and the copiers & computers; just ask the library personnel.

Please travel light. You will notice the library provides security personnel. Because this is a public library used by the public it is recommended that you not leave computers, purses or other personal items unattended while researching. To date, we have had no problems with the other patrons or with the loss of personal items, but better to be safe than sorry, as noted in this article from the NY Times.

Getting to the Library

LAPL is just a block from a Los Angeles Metro station. Check out your public transportation options at Metro's Trip Planner page.

If you're driving, park UNDER the library by entering their lot at 524 Flower St. Be sure to get your ticket validated before returning to your car & remember where you parked it! You do need a Los Angeles Public Library card to receive the special $1.00 weekend parking rate. You can apply for the card at your local LAPL or at the Circulation Desk when you arrive or leave the library. Just bring your identification. Once you obtain the card, you can go to the Information Desk to secure the parking validation.

Food: There is a coffee shop on the library's main floor.

Extras: Visit the library gift shop--if you dare. There are always book
and/or gift items on sale

Central Library NEW Hours: Mon. 10-6, Tue. 10-8, Wed. 10-8, Thu. 10-8, Fri. 10-6, Sat. 10-6, Sun. Closed

If you cannot attend, email me your questions & I will find an expert for you.

We are here to help you,

Donie Nelson
VP Communications

04 July 2010

The Journey Takers - Book Review

Randy Seaver has an excellent, comprehensive review of The Journey Takers by the speaker at this month's German Interest Group, author Leslie Albrecht Huber.

Although this presentation is being given during the German Interest Group meeting, it is clear by reading Randy's review that it will be relevant for any genealogist who has family "in the old country."

The book is divided into family lines in England, Sweden, Germany and in Utah.

In his review, Randy notes:

Leslie's book provides a magnificent example of family history writing - displaying the breadth and depth of her research, weaving historical and cultural events into the lives of her ancestors, and re-creating realistic scenes and family conversations at places in the stories. Throughout the book, Leslie's own family challenges and triumphs are woven into the narrative - she takes you from the ancestral past to her family's present on the same page. This reader felt that he was riding along with Leslie while visiting the ancestral places, and was witnessing her struggles as she tried to balance her family life with the thrill and drive to do more family research.

Mark the 17th on your calendar now. It sounds like a fascinating talk. I'll see you there.

Bargain Alert: Ancestry.com - Updated

Today's Parade Magazine has a family history feature in today's edition. It's a wonderful story of a journalist who was bitten by the family history bug and who learned the fulfillment and joy of finding her own history.

Accompanying the article is a special pricing for Ancestry.com -- a 15% discount.  Click on the image on the left to go to Ancestry's bargain page.

You need to read the fine print.  You are eligible for the discount only if you have not had a Deluxe edition in the past 90 days. [Note: Randy Seaver read this more accurately than I did, I think. See what I mean about the fine print?]

Another line of fine print mentions the duration of the special pricing.  For example, if you purchase a year's subscription, the special pricing is in effect for the entire year and then the renewal cost goes up to the normal price. However, if you purchase the quarterly or monthly subscription, the special pricing is in effect for only 1 quarter or 1 month, depending on which time period you chose.  Again, after the introductory period, the price goes up to the normal subscription cost.

The special pricing is in effect for only a limited time. Randy read this more closely, too. The discount expires July 10.

You can also register or upgrade by calling 1-800-958-9022 but they won't be answering phones until Tuesday.  Non-holiday hours are M-F 10am-6pm, Sat 10am-3pm ET

03 July 2010

German Interest Group Meeting July 17

Here's an update on the subject of the German Interest Group meeting on Saturday, July 17.

The workshop will be presented by our guest, Leslie Albrecht Huber, the author of a new book, The Journey Takers.  She will share with us her family's immigrant experiences of "journey takers" from Germany, Sweden and England, with the emphasis on Germany.

"She adds flesh to the bones of a genealogical study by weaving historical context, family stories and personal feelings into the fabric of the story . . . "  - Cindy Howells

A couple of copies of the book are available for purchase at Amazon.com.

If you have German roots, the German Interest Group will help you find the German towns of your ancestors and will give you tips and suggestions to successfully find the immigrants who brought your line to America. 

Questions?  Lois Burlo can be contacted at LHBurlo@Yahoo.com.

02 July 2010

Bargain Alert: Footnote Holocaust Collection

Thanks to Schelly Dardashti, who reported this sale on the wonderful Tracing the Tribe blog.

Footnote.com will be offering free access to their Holocaust collection from July 9 through 19. The Holocaust Collection microsite contains photos, stories, and original documents from the National Archives.

Hats off to Footnote.com for their support of family history.

01 July 2010

The Source and Red Book Available for Free Online Access

For many years The Source and Red Book have been two of the most well-respected books in the genealogical world. Contributors to these books brought expertise and professionalism to the publications. The books’ pages are regularly consulted by librarians, lecturers, teachers and professional  researchers, along with those who are new to the field who want to conduct their research using the highest standards.

The publisher of the two titles, Ancestry.com, has taken an unprecedented step in placing the full contents of both titles online for free searching at http://www.ancestry.com/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page. In addition to easy and free access, the wiki offers the opportunity for members of the genealogical community to update, correct and expand the content. Points of information, addresses and websites, additions to tables and holdings: all may be updated or enhanced, increasing the value of these works by making them a current, “living” resource.

You can find The Source and Red Book under the Learning Center tab at Ancestry.com or simply by visiting http://www.ancestry.com/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page. The contents of both books have been uploaded.

Although improvements are planned, the community is already signing in and making updates.
[As published in the 2010 Summer Forum, published by FGS, and adapted from an Ancestry.com announcement at Salt Lake City, May 2010]

Bargain Alert: Free Revolutionary War on Footnote.com

We received this notice from Footnote.com:

In recognition of America's Independence Day, Footnote is opening their Revolutionary War Collection free to the public. This unique collection features millions of original records found nowhere else on the internet.

Whether you are a genealogist or a history buff, you can discover new details about the Revolutionary War in records that include:
  • Complete pension files and Revolutionary War Service Records
  • Original letters written by Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and other Founding Fathers
  • Revolutionary War Pension Files
  • Payment Vouchers for Military Pensions
  • George Washington Correspondence
  • and more
Visit the Revolutionary War Collection today.

Hurry, this free access ends July 7, 2010.

Footnote.com is available free of charge to SCGS members who visit the society's library in person.